rifle primer shortage - 5 p. . I'm not finding much online, and the closest big box is Bass Pro, which is an hour away. I have quite a surplus too. Jump to Latest Follow Yes. My experience, almost forever. A family channel. One overview of the primer situation 2020 covers a number of reasons including this: "The Remington bankruptcy has had a large impact on the shortage of ammo and primers. Yes, it is my own fault for not purchasing more primers sooner, but yesterday, I was able to get 1. A larger sweet spot means more reliable ignition in guns that produce off-center hits. CCI 450 Mag Small Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Rifle Match #210M - 1000 Primers $85. Rifle Primers in Pistol Loads --- Reliability The summer 2020 primer shortage came on fast. My buddy got 5000 and I got 5000. Add to compare. Bore Snakes 13. Federal $4. $69. Overseas manufacturing in countries with strict lockdown measures had to totally shut down, which especially affected primer production. Item #: CCI450 CCI PRIMER 500 SMALL PISTOL 1000/BOX . 95 Height: 2. Common practice was to buy 5-6 flats of them each time one of the group put in a powder/primer order so as to split HAZMAT. I am shooting 168gr Nosler e-tips in my 300wm using Federal 215 primers and H4350 powder. Large pistol and Rifle primers are different heights while Small Pistol/Rifle are the same. $7. 5 creedmoor loads. . Ammo prices went up 50% since our new president got elected. 5 cents a primer with shipping. CCI® primers offer the reloader clean, reliable ignition. Rimfire 70. 7×108 & 14. I’ve given probably 3000 Winchesters small rifle primers to a few buddies. Cleaning Supplies 171. Also, retailers' web sites can change at any time. He was a bit low on some powders but at his prices that's to be expected once in a while. All their primers are going into their production ammo for retail. bullets are in short supply. Will it be alright to use non-magnum large rifle primers in a 338 Lapua? With the current primer shortage I just can't find Fed 215's or CCI magnum primers. This is ironic. So I got 3000. Guys got a question. 5) In 2008-2012, we had a large influx from foreign sources (Wolf, S&B, etc. It has much to do with panicky (or selfish) reloaders that don't think they are prepared enough and buy everything in sight. After conducting the preliminary steps - the actual steps to reloading primers is in this video. By: CCI. S. I have never loaded 44mag shells with anything but rifle primers and never had high primer problems. I have a good supply of gunpowder(s). I live 55 miles from the country of Chicago, Illinois. Between that and us being at war in the middle east, there has been a shortage of surplus military ammo but I haven't noticed any shortage of large rifle primers. Gun Cases 39. com The ammo and primer shortage is real, and it’s here to stay — well into 2021. Remington $4. Now I'm seriously thinking about getting a flintlock rifle to have should the shortage of caps and primers continue to be an issue. www. They have noticeably more flash. com. 22-250 and I've forgotten what else. The #41's are a Mil Spec (hard cup) small rifle primer that a lot of AR guys use. And we all know about the primer shortage. Brushes 30. 44 magnums, or 45 Colt (Ruger)? As long as they seat flush or lower and you drop down in your powder charge Sportdog, reduce your powder charge when first changing to the Winchester primers. More use during the recent primer shortage was made of Russian Wolf and Tula primers, which kinda seem to be about the same as using Winchester or Remington. The higher the pressure that a primer is designed for requires a thicker and harder primer cup. I knew the rounds wouldn’t fit in the magazine since the S. Item #: CCI500B Intrepid adventurer “Bullets” McAdams finally reaches the inner sanctum of a dark, dank, dangerous cavern hidden deep in the rain forest of Oklahoma. Our friendly experienced staff can help you directly online! I haven't needed to buy primers for a while, but was in the gun shop today, and herd that there is a primer shortage. ” Either the writer has a short memory or no knowledge of history. The last shortage back in 2012-2013 took over a year to recover from and they were making it as fast as they could around the clock all year. By Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L, June 17, I could use a few more small rifle. 99. CST After the 2013 shortage, I swore "never again". $43. He presents chronograph data, as well as pressure data. Several hundred each of large rifle, large pistol, and magnum primers in a few brands. “That shortage is sidelining a lot of smaller boutique manufacturers. I could end up paying 5. : 1-731-885-0700 Information Line: 1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. With today’s current political atmosphere, does anyone think that the shortage will end within the next year, or should we just suck it up and pay these extremely high prices because there is no end to the madness in sight. I’ve heard everything from primer to powder shortages as a reason. Lack of primers= lack of centerfire ammunition? S&b is a no go since they had the explosion their production has gone to ammo production, wolf is out due to russian sanction's and tula doesn't have excess regardless of sanctions, fiochi isn't producing primers outside of their ammunition production, their lines have been discontinued according to Graf's. Was: $99. how to use small rifle primers to reload pistol ammunition The shortage kicked off during the first few months of the pandemic. 9500 Additional Freight Charge: (Hazardous)Add $37. Small pistol primers seemed to disappear from store shelves at a time when I had only a few months’ supply sitting on my shelf. Black powder is primarily used in muzzleloading firearms but is also used in black powder cartridge rifles. I just called a gun store here in town - he said there is no shortage, its the prices that are getting the companies. Link to post Share on other sites. The shortage also includes ammunition components (brass, powder, primers and bullets) and all reloading equipment and supplies. I was surprised to find some CCI #400 small rifle primers at my lgs yesterday. However, one supplier has rationed to 1000 per household, because he saw one of his customers who had bought up all his BR2's at a gun show walking around selling the primers for 1. However, all that changed as the “national conversation” about guns started heating up. You Save: $ 5. At my age (I turn 60 this year), I probably have enough of both to last me the rest of my natural life (assuming I can hold onto them). 5 rounds of plain small primer, 19. About 1988, I decided that with all of the variables in reloading that have a direct affect on accuracy/velocity, I would choose one primer brand & stay with it. Think I had a little more velocity than usual but no signs of pressure and no primer failures. A few weeks ago, one of the online shooting forums published a piece about the shortages we are experiencing in the ammunition world, and called the current dearth “the worst primer shortage in history. The video doesn't address the future needs of the sport. So, as you can tell, I'm much more impressed by actual field results from lots of folks shooting, than the lab tests of metal hardness in the primer cup. The ammo shortage is nationwide, and pretty much for all calibers. Maybe they'll take their 3-15% price increase effective 4/1/2021 and build more production capacity. Ccrider; Aug 5, 2020; Reloading Forum (All Calibers) 2 3 4. They are much hotter than CCI. Small amount of SPP and didn't see any LPP at all. 00 per 1,000 CHEDDITE 209 PRIMERS Best Large Rifle Primers. I'm sitting on about 70,000 which should take CCI PRIMERS BR4 SMALL RIFLE B. $4. No 209 primers what so ever, not even the muzzle loading section. I used them sparingly by adjusting down the powder charges in my loads. 99Price: $94. All hazmat shipments require an adult signature at time of delivery. He alway has 10K in Primers. CCI PRIMER 450 SMALL RIFLE MAGNUM 5000/CASE . Hit up some of the major retailers like MidwayUSA, Midsouth Sh The pros at Powder Valley discuss the causes of The Great Primer Shortage of 2020, and what you should do about it. A Closer Look at the Primer Shortage It also doesn’t help that there are rumors that the four producers of primers (CCI, Federal, Winchester, and Remington) are diverting much of their produced primers to the commercial ammunition manufacturers and shorting what they would normally send to distributors as a standalone component. 56mm NATO-SPEC Designed for Military Style Semi-Auto's $69. 5mm Berdan Primers ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) 50 BMG Boxer Primers ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) Large Pistol Boxer Primers $ 1,599. As I'm sure you're all aware primers are impossible to find. It’s also limiting the production of many popular types of ammunition. CCI No 400 Small Rifle Primers/Brick 1000ct (0013) C$84. com You should not use a rifle that will kill an animal when everything goes right; you should use one that will do the job when everything goes wrong. Google search works well your have to look past the first two or three pages of ads to find sellers with something to sell. of spring. I have only ever used standard rifle primers in 45acp, 44mag, 38special, 357mag, 9mm, 380acp, 44mag, 5. In this article: Ammo, Ammo Shortage, Ammo Shortage 2021, Bullets, Federal Ammo, Gun, Guns Written By Peter Suciu Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based writer who has contributed to more than four dozen magazines, newspapers and websites. Gold Medal Large Rifle Primers - 100 Ct. I guess its all about how much you use. 50-$15. remember people scarfing up what were termed assault weapons but don't remember there being a run on components. Until 2008, there hadn’t been a major national ammo shortage since the end of WWII. The primer supply shortage doesn’t just affect reloaders, though. P. I still have them. I do travel for work. 07-21-2020, 03:25 PM #8 With some persistence, I have been able to locate some primers I needed, but the experience was not always good. R. 5K small pistol primers at a Bass Pro Shop near me. 40 minor loads. In consequence, manufacturers work 3 shifts to make loaded ammo, hence the primer shortage. Out of Stock. He did have a partial pound of rifle powder for 30. I live not far from two large stores that sell reloading stuff, they told me that so many people are worried about the new administration that they are hoarding ammo. The primer shortage won't last long. 36. Primer Shortage - I found more primers which I can load Having fun with reloading, bullet casting, and shooting. A place for the outdoor enthusiast, whether your game is Hunting, Target, Leo, or Personal Protection we can help you find whats right for you. 308 caliber and 30-06 caliber. Winchesters, being designed to ignite their ball powders, are as hot as some "magnum" rifle primers. Winchester WLR Large Rifle Primers 100 Pack. Aside from that one brick of small pistol primers I was forced to buy during the great primer shortage. I am a FFL dealer so I know how hard it is to fine ammunition and materials for reloads. Those are small rifle primers. With Remington in a state of financial insolvency for the past two years, suppliers were demanding payment upon delivery for products. Check your local laws before ordering. Federal lg. But I do have plenty of Large Rifle primers. Will go back Monday morning and buy 200 more. It’s outrageous to pay 200-300$ for 1k primers on GB. Seems a Primer Shortage is back among us. 95 Let’s pretend primers suddenly became available How many would you like to keep on hand ? and let’s pretend this is the worst part of the shortage , and it gets better I would like to have 5000 on hand of small rifle Same with large rifle and , 10,000 small pistol Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020. I specifically used federal match rifle small primers back in 2016/2017 shortages. There was almost no ammo in stock except 10mm, 460 S&W and 454 Casull. I have enough for about a year. I don’t know why there is a shortage of 209 primers. Solvents 32. 2-4 per month, he shoot a lot. Available in 100pc, 1,000pc & 5,000pc qty. Aug 21, 2020. Interlaken Guns and Ammo is New York’s premier gun sales and guns service provider. I have plenty of bullets and brass as I stocked up during a As if shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer were not enough; shooters are reporting an ammo shortage amid the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Natchez was selling Federal lg. Currently, primers seem to be the most difficult to get. AmmoSeek. Just have to put put it back on the priming tool and push harder. Live in Cincinnati, OH. Please view my playlists. I will do that. S. 95 (5000) winchester lr mag primers: our price: $172. The guy behind the counter said that he called several suppliers looking for small rifle primers, and they all just laughed at him. $6. com/Auction/Se ts. 99 . I currently don't load any small rifle but was thinking I might be able to trade them for some small pistol primers. And I want to use up those aging primers. Handling pressures greater than roughly 40,000 psi is the reason small rifle primers use a thicker/harder cup than pistol primers. I expect there lead was used in part of pistol and rifle ammo as well as Brownells is your source for Rifle Primers,Primers at Brownells parts and accessories. You buy the next best thing, which resulted in severe shortages of both center-fire rifle and shotshell ammunition last fall. With millions of new gun owners who had never before bought ammunition, they are buying hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo, which by itself would have strained the ammunition market, but then there is the BeerBug, which has slowed production almost to a standstill. Normally, the primer market is fed by companies being able to make 3) Primer production affected more by Covid than bullets/brass/powder 4) Remington bankruptcy didn’t help. Gun Sock 3. 99. 99. That’s what industry experts tell us: “With [ammunition] demand far outstripping supply and inventory levels in the channel at all-time lows, we see strong demand continuing[. Think we did leave a few small boxes (of 100 primers ea) for other folks. Fortunately, when there was a primer shortage, CCI was normally easy to find. I started reloading this year and loving it. Federal and CCI have announced that they will not be providing primers to the public for the foreseeable future. $238. Common calibers have disappeared from store shelves. Please refer 9mm Reloading: Can I use Small Rifle Primers? (COVID PRIMER SHORTAGE) 0. In Winchester testing labs, primers are constantly and rigorously tested for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and conditions far beyond the range of normal usage. Well if you a competative shooter, like my friend who does SASS. Although we’ve spoken to a few manufacturers over the past months, trying to get a handle on the situation, they all say the same thing. 99 Winchester Winchester WLR Large Rifle Add to Cart. Went great. Available for In-Store Pick-up CCI No. 00 a thousand thinking no one would pay that. A. Add to list Add to registry. 2 grains and all was fine. A. 308 Winchester, 7. FEDERAL Small Magnum Pistol Primer, 100 Ct. Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses are considered hazardous materials, incur HazMat Charges, and can only ship ground freight within the continental U. It’s also limiting the production of many popular types of ammunition. m. I've been using Winchester and Wolfe small rifle primers in everything that takes a small rifle or small pistol primer since about 1998 or so. Maybe they'll take their 3-15% price increase effective 4/1/2021 and build more production capacity. $8. All the normal, CCi, Remington primers gone. Disclaimer. Might get 1 out of every 100 or 200 has a high primer due mostly to dirty primer pocket. Flintlock is a better bet than an air rifle. 6 1/2 and 71/2 are both small rifle primers. Manufacturing During the Ammo Shortage Manufacturing had to take a step back at the beginning of the pandemic. Rifle primers are designed to light up longer powder columns and powders that have different burn rates than pistol primers. 99. In this story I’ll talk about the “Great Reloading Primer Shortage of 2020”, and give you some ideas regarding where to find them. Large Rifle Magnum and 50 BMG were the only primers in stock at both locations. 221 Rem Fireball and . WIN PRIMERS LARGE RIFLE 5000 PACK - CASE LOTS ONLY. 95/1000. The show before that [about 6-8 weeks] primers and ammo were in short supply. Worked excellent. (Large Rifle Primer Goodness) on the shelf at my local store today. Let’s Break Down What’s Happened Well, this is going to be a familiar story for anyone who’s been lamenting the year 2020. Feedback from the primer distributors – the 4 US manufacturers of primers have a daily capacity of 4. I know that smaller ammunition manufacturers have been impacted drastically by the primer shortage since their demands are higher than normal for primers that they have to obtain through Federal, CCI, Winchester, Remington, etc. Unique Federal® priming mix for consistent ignition; Affordably priced It wasn't due to a primer shortage, it was due to a small rifle primer being able to handle the above SAAMI pressures one must drive a 9mm to reach that level. gunbroker. FEDERAL Large Magnum Pistol Primer shortage. Back before IPSC/USPSA dropped the power factor for major power from 175 to 165 and 9mm Major was not allowed under USPSA rules, most of us were shooting 9X21 and used small rifle primers since the high pressure loads worked better with them Skip to content. I have plenty of ammo to burn but, I might get in a tight place in the near future. Most industries expand when there's a growth forecast in their field. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020. 5) Vista buying Remington will divert Remington’s meager primer supply away from the market to build more ammo for CCI/Speer. RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips Small Rifle Yellow 8/pack. Out of stock. 75 Views Share Embed Download 800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U. 357 and have never had a problem yet but note I don't jump in there with a max load to start I work up to what works good and if over-pressure signs show I back it down a tad. Today I pick up 2000 small rifle primers at my LGS, because I was there. 00 ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) 12. To many people trying to corner the market and make $400 profit on their brothers. Compare Compare Now. The ammo and primer shortage is real, and it’s here to stay — well into 2021. Gander Outdoors in Kenosha, WI — reader-submitted photo on GMToday. Primers shortage ? (shotgun, pistol, rifle, sale) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members According to various sources, manufacturers are confirming to us that we are in the midst of the greatest primer shortage of all time. Be careful with that switch. Hornady continued, “In fact we saw [demand indicators] in the fall of 2019. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. These kits won’t completely solve your ammo shortage woes, but they will help you build some rounds in a pinch By Tyler Freel February 25, 2021 Guns Reloading primers shortage 2020 December 14th, 2020 Gander Outdoors in Kenosha, WI — reader-submitted photo on GMToday. Maximum shipment weights of 48 lbs powder; 70 lbs powder and primers combined. 56 or 7. 99 In Stock Brand: Cci Item Number: # BRICK-BR-4 S&B Large Pistol Primers - Box of 100 $4. Panic buying- there's nothing to panic buy, all the primers are being used to make factory ammo- there isn't any. The prices have gone up, but they are still available. So it will take about 90 days to fill the one big US gov. R. 99. S. This could have a negative effect on AmmoSeek's ability to obtain accurate (or any) information. At first, the really common calibers started to get harder to find. 99 Bass Pro in Harrisburg this past week, you could find components for hunting calibers. 79. So maybe the shortage in waning? Macon The good news is that in most common rifle calibers, moderately priced ammunition is at least available in waves. Also, I have primers, powder, bullets, and die available to reload seventeen (17) kinds of rifle and handgun cartridges. 99 In Stock Brand: Federal Item Number: # BRICK-GM210M CCI Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers #BR-4 - 1000 Primers $94. I e-mailed Wolf, CCI, Federal, and Winchester and asked what's up with the shortage of primers. Primer shortage If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. That would be 9mm, . S. The redesigned metal parts improve sensitivity and reduce seating force. It is ever so slightly hotter than the small rifle magnum primer and it comes with a brass colored thick cup. well I guess we are in it again. I’ve been reloading a lot. I have a couple thousand large rifle primers and wondering if I could use the large rifle primers in place of large pistol primers. 4 gr in 0. One major issue was Federal Primers #215M Large Rifle Magnum Match 100ct . $46. 56, 6. Federal primers and Cheddite primers are two popular choices. The primer hysteria will come to an end just like the Pmag craziness has now. Until recently I only had a single shot 223 and never used those primers. Going through them like candy 500 is a sufficient number for me also for now. By: Winchester. Mar Why is there a shortage of primers for reloading? Supply and demand, but I will go on to explain that a bit. Ammo Shortage, Primer Shortage, Bullet Shortage! It must be a great time to be in the ammo business! I cried about needing some Magnum Large Rifle Primers on a gun web site and I'm meeting a guy in the morning to swap some regular Large Rifle Primers for the Magnums. Price: $6. These primers are designed for everything from small-caliber rifles and handguns to the large-caliber rifles and magnums. ” The primer supply shortage doesn’t just affect reloaders, though. Yep, there's a primer shortage, and a bullet, powder, brass and even gun shortage. Add to compare. I’m primarily interested in trades for large rifle primers or XBR but if you have anything else it wouldn’t hurt to offer. Both also had upland and waterfowl shotshells at usual prices. of which 5 billion are rimfire and 4 billion are centerfire rifle, pistol, and shotgun rounds Prices on large rifle, large pistol and 209 primers are the same as they have been. Patches 27. 62×39. The large rifle primer numbers above reflects the load data available on 6mmBR. and last updated 2020-10-30 “I take a primer and put it in, and then, I load So I did a recent gun show, first one in 4 months, bringing #41 and #34 ($50K) and LP CCI #300 for $35. Last edited: Nov 29, 2020. I hear tons of personal theories and conspiracy theories but no facts. Pistol and rifle An odd ball name primer was available for pistol and rifle, but very limited. 5 PRC is 2. 357 cases, 158gn speer JHP, 16. And primers before that. These primers come in a 1,000-piece box and are widely recognized as some of the most clean-burning primers on the market. 0. I have been told that Ballistic Products has Cheddite 209’s. 22 caliber, 30-30 caliber, . You buy the next best thing, which resulted in severe shortages of both center-fire rifle and shotshell ammunition last fall. Bottleneck seems to be 9mm prokectiles. 243 bullets. Part of the problem is that the federal government is purchasing large amounts of ammo, which is stressing an already-stressed marketplace. Primers are on everyone’s mind these days, and I have personally According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the reason for the shortage was due to hoarding by shooters and the same may be true with primers and other reloading components today. The ammo/primer shortage isn't going away. My two local suppliers cannot get any rifle or pistol primers - regular, magnum, benchrest, match - nothing. He had less than 100 . Hailing from the Kansas City-area, Jaclyn is a rifle shooter specializing in precision rifle shooting. The bad news is that using lower-grade ammo often comes with some caveats. FEDERAL Federal 210 Large Rifle Primers - 1000 $39. pistol a couple of days ago. ) Set two: 9 rounds of ladder test with cases modified for lg rifle primers, starting with 18. http://www. 95 (1000) winchester lr mag primers: our price: $34. Winchester Winchester Ammo SML11 Magnum # 11 Percussion Caps Black Powder Solid Brass 100 Per Box $8. Price: $46. The current issue with reloading is there is a shortage of primers, powders and lead as well now for the reloads. Next week is Kansas City, KS followed by Madison,WI on the weekend. Winchester works to make sure all primers are reliable, instant and precise. Shotgun 15 the original primer shortage was 90-91 during first gulf war, stocked up with so many then, didn't realize there was a shortage in 94. There is no primer shortage. Add to Cart. Every day, Reloading Unlimited works tirelessly to be your go-to reloading components and reloading supplies company. 99. It was found that purification of the mercury fulminate would lead to a more stable compound, and in 1873, a mixture of mercury fulminate, potassium chlorate, glass dust and gum arabic became the standard US military priming compound. (5000) winchester sp mag primers: our price: $165. Over the ensuing year, this shortage has trickled down to just about every popular pistol and rifle cartridge. I chose CCI due to reliability & have not deviated since. Even well-established factories encounter regulatory delays when expanding operations. 38Super/SC, . In fact, CCI are the coolest primer brand, Winchester is the hottest. level 2. 99 $50 - $99. Additionally, ammunition demand tends to be cyclic, which means there’s fiscal risk in making unplanned and rushed investment in new machinery and Shortages still exist in the United States. I'm looking for CCI 41 and CCI 450 primers, or if not, at least the closest equivalent. Usually 6 and 5 shot. Pistol primers are made to withstand typical pistol chamber pressures. Shotgun 211. I can't currently replace them, but we had a good supply before the panic started. CCI Small Rifle Primers. Reloading Supplies and Equipment. Primers are on everyone’s mind these days, and I have personally witnessed friends who usually buy a few here or there stocking up with literally tens of thousands. 95 inches, about 0. 7x28, 30carbine. 308 & 54R Berdan Primers $ 1,599. com for the 243 Win, 308 Win, 6. Non-corrosive, all weather primers deliver fast, dependable ignition under any shooting condition. He was well stocked on everything else, but only had around 15,000 SR on hand. Steel Shotshell 27. Components diverted for defense build-up? Government contracts? Likely 9mm? Or maybe the pistol primer machines also make the small rifle primers? I'd be happy to trade a couple bricks of Small rifle or Large pistol primers for large rifle magnum and/or 209 primers to someone on this forum if our paths crossed. Refine by Product Family: Standard Rifle Primer Price $0 - $19. Most industries expand when there's a growth forecast in their field. Gents, Maybe the primer shortage might be easing up just a little bit. Federal Gold Medal Large Match Rifle Primers - 1000 Count. With manufacturers now working shortened hours, with less staff and fewer raw materials due to covid, this is going to last a lot longer. I don’t remember the company name. “It’s little things such as packing tape and cardboard boxes. 8 gr of powder and ending with 20. Although there were almost 60 different loads listed, there were clearly only 3 large rifle primers the experts trust for exceptional accuracy: I’m sorry I split the 10,000 rounds of small rifle primers(CCI 400)I got from a gun show this past March. So it’s no surprise that these ammo famines occurred shortly before or after national elections. 10K wouldn't last me 6 months. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock. firearms and ammunition sales have increased significantly in 2020 compared with purchases made last year. $45. 00 a K But everyone wanted SP So I said yes I have #500 SP primers but I can not replace them so they are $50. I load and shoot about 10k shotshells annually. 38 /. Here's the story behind it. Refine by Price: $50 - $99. My local shop had a little over 50,000 CCI #41 small rifle primers in stock today. 243 but absolutely no pistol powder. Contract packaged by TL Products, LLC, these de-milled Federal 209A primers are a great multi purpose 209 primer especially during this primer shortage season. I have bought 9 1/2 Rem and Fed 210M lately. Can’t remember the event, but several decades ago there was a shortage of ammo and reloading components. I have enough on hand now with ammo on back order all over. I have some small rifle primers that I could let go of. (this has been my most consistent load with this bullet and powder. You can stock up on plenty to get you through this ammo shortage. #400 Small Rifle Primer 5000 Count Case by CCI-Ammunition Product Overview offers the CCI #400 Small Rifle Primer (5000 Count Case). Limit 200 so I bought 200. Metal & Wood Finish 7. Mostly . ” The primer supply shortage doesn’t just affect reloaders, though. Ear Protection 18. I just backed off the charge by about . After deftly dodging the last booby trap, The National Rifle Association’s Shooting Illustrated predicted in August that “the current ammunition shortage may continue at least until 2021—perhaps longer,” citing a 17 percent increase in orders to Winchester Ammunition for the quarter. The #400 Small Rifle Primers are highly evolved due to CCI's const Bob Wards has an ample supply of large rifle primers and shotgun primers. Slugs 18. Nothing was left for handgun, 5. ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) . After that will come the fear Primers. M. So, as I noted above, neither guns nor ammo are problems for me. Off to the local gun shop with reloading supplies we went. You can go into a gun shop in some states and buy as much ammo as you can carry yet in California you’re told there is a shortage. Seriously? Another reloading primer shortage? Unfortunately, YES. Turkey Loads 14. And that’s the cause of this shortage. Always Armed. Australia – Retail; Europe & Middle East – Retail and Distribution Re: Preferred BPCR Primers Post by Kurt » Mon Nov 23, 2020 5:05 pm With all this talk on primer shortages on all forums I went down and opened the old fridge in the basement to see what I have left if the matches open again next summer. ). Due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons, Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, Primers, and Fuses cannot be returned. 62x39mm, and plenty of all the hunting Gun and ammo shortage affecting professional shooters in US. 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month Forever I HAVE ABOUT 5,000 primers if someone is experiencing a shortage. asp?SearchType=0&Keywords=primers&Cat=1016 Me I am just going to sit back and wait while shooting my rimfires. Shop our vast selection and save! I am hearing of a primer shortage. The. The ammo/primer shortage isn't going away. Anyway, I figured I'd ask the "horse's mouth" and see what the manufactures have to say about the shortage. Replies 79 Views 7,809. 223 Remington, but lots of 9mm, . There is also a shortage of shot shells in most calibers. Expect to be using 55-68 gr bullets as I have a 1:8 twist. I was able to score several thousand “magnum” rifle and pistol primers. Primers are made in various sizes and types depending on the application, like CCI 250 primers which are large magnum size. Shortage on small pistol primers . During the shortage, I used small rifle primers in . Fiocchi Primers #616 (209 Type Wolf/Tula Small Rifle 223 SR223 - #KVB-223M "This is the newest primer available in the Wolf line. Due to the war, there has been shortages on various primers. 06 and . All of their primer production is going to ammo, and they are $1 billion behind on orders. order. m. Rifle wise they both had good supplies at normal prices. actually small rifle primers are very good for +P loading. After taking up competitive shooting in 2016, she, won the Precision Rifle Series Production division in 2017 with her Savage Stealth. Small Rifle Primer orders are scheduled to be filled between September 15, 2021 and November 15, 2021. While small pistol primers were unavailable, several local stores still had p Now that my bench is almost complete, I'm trying to get components. That's not jack for competition. Customers have the option to extend or have their deposit refunded if cancellation and/or non-delivery occurs after the respective dates above. 38 Super rounds back in the dark ages of IPSC. Last edited by bedbugbilly; 07-21-2020 at 11:14 AM . Many of these smaller manufacturers have had to go to other sources to get quality primers. They were selling for $5/100. Combine powder and primers for a better value. Reactions: Jbotto and FI460. I paid about 1. IF THAT IS TRUE, the shortage will ease up sometime in December. An industry insider said that several million primers are currently en route from Europe to the U. Let’s pretend primers suddenly became available How many would you like to keep on hand ? and let’s pretend this is the worst part of the shortage , and it gets better I would like to have 5000 on hand of small rifle Same with large rifle and , 10,000 small pistol we I started stocking and Ran some loads with cfepistol and wolf small rifle primers. MFG#: 0301 UPC: 076683503015 Item: W086-50903 This product has no restrictions CCI SO 0019 BR4 SR PRMR Jessi Toohey, manager at Cody Cartridge and Carry, said the combination of crises, alongside the bankruptcy of top primer manufacturer Remington, has made this shortage particularly difficult . Is it time to start hoarding primers The Modern Rifle. I don’t even recall seeing #11 percussion caps for muzzle loaders. Handgun 13. Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Primer Pocket Swage Tool. Thread starter fmyth; Start date Mar 30, 2021; Or have bought a bunch before the shortage Reactions: mt100gr. by way of ship, which may help meet at least some of the demand for loaded ammunition. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020. 99 . Kracken McGraw. 1. 00 per 1,000 CCI PRIMERS M41 5. No selling just discussion and news in regards to the Modern Rifle (AR15) and the evolution of high performance cartridges for this platform. 99 Just got back from the show here in Waco; rifle primers were plentiful and at $42-$45 per 1k, not too too unreasonably priced. $17. 5 times what he had just bought them for. com Please login or register . ” The primer supply shortage doesn’t just affect reloaders, though. The reason for this is I have lots of pistol primers and only small rifle primers. With the current primer shortage, I felt this was important for the whole board, so I didn't put it in the reloading section. New packaging for Federal/Champion? They also had small pistole' primers for pistoleros. RCBS APS Unprimed Primer Strips Small Rifle Yellow 8/pack. at least it makes a bigger hole! Primer Shortage Reply #22 - Nov 23 rd, 2020 at 2:07pm Print Post : The writing was Small Pistol Primer orders are scheduled to be filled between September 15, 2021 and November 15, 2021. They also work well in any bolt gun with adequate pin travel and at least 20 lbs. powdervalleyinc. We can look into this for you! Just click here to chat with the next available agent. Eyewear 4. 18. Find cheapest in-stock primers reloading. The ammo case there stood approximately 12-feet high, and was well stocked. 45 super due to primer shortage - Reloading 10mm ammo - 10mm-firearms. -Fourth, another domino-effect of the DMV’s being closed is that freight companies cannot get their driver’s certified with their commercial driver’s licenses they need. I now have 6. Does anyone have a solid answer for the cause, who's doing it, how long will it last, and when it will be over? I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. Please NO Politics :bow: After seeing multiple GB auctions with 2 bricks of WRA small rifle primers selling for over $525+ not counting Shipping/Hazmat fees I started looking over Youtube videos to see what people were saying, when I ran across this: A Message From Federal, CCI, Speer And Remington President Jason Vanderbrink On Ammo Demand I Just watched this video from Dec 2020. 99 a box of 25 was the average. Their unique priming mix and consistent ignition make them perfect for high-volume shooters, as well as those learning how to reload. They think it's a nation wide shortage. By: Ashley Sampson Posted at 3:11 PM, Oct 30, 2020 . We still have thousands of pounds of gunpowder (I've actually been getting a pretty steady stream of most powders) at the same prices as last year with the exception of a couple © 1996-2020 Zanders Sporting Goods Zanders Sporting Goods is a wholesale firearms distributor selling only to federally licensed dealers A shortage in primers also started around this time. 30 carbine. I'm hoping that the primer shortage results in more S&B primers being imported. I have only stocked small Rifle primers since the time of 180 Power Factor and . It’s also limiting the production of many popular types of ammunition. Now I have an AR and may burn thru more ammo quickly. I have only loaded 45acp and 44mag with large rifle since the great primer shortage of 2008. 00 ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) Large Rifle Boxer Primers $ 1,399. Nonsense, the ammo is the same. 8500 Width: 6. I needed centerfire pistol ammo and looked on the internet. Try placing a variety of primers in an empty set of cases, then step outside at dark and touch them off. CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers 100 Pack. Out of stock. I didn't shoot much back then but I remembered and stocked up during those wonderful rebated on primers, shells and any other sales I could find. 5K remaining small pistol primers, 5K large pistol primers, and about 3K small rifle primers for my AR's. With the current shortage of reloading supplies is there any danger in substituting large Magnum rifle primers for large Standard rifle primers? Search " " across the entire site Search " " in this forum Search " " in this discussion FEDERAL Large Magnum Rifle Primer, 100 Ct. U. The video doesn't address the future needs of the sport. 357MAG, . Rods 5. 99. I only saw a few boxes of . About; Products & Testimonials; Where To Buy. 99. 8 cents for those pistol primers a year ago. This primer cup contained a mixture of potassium chlorate and antimony sulfide. rifle, large rifle match, and a variety of CCI, both rifle and pistol. WIN PRIMERS LARGE RIFLE 5000 PACK - CASE LOTS ONLY Dimension: 2. Seems there are quite a few merchant listings of unavailable, no back order, let me know when available, on various brands of primers, particularly small pistol. 6 million. Besides bullets, powder, cases, primers and other necessities have become scarce due to the global shutdown. $12. 0, 2012-2013, plus sandy hook shortage Standard rifle primers work in the 50,000 CPU range while Magnum rifle primers can go as high as 65,000 CPU. 99 In Stock Brand: Sellier And Bellot Item Number: # 361607 CCI Small Rifle Bench Rest Primers #BR-4 - Box of 100 $9. Therefore if you use rifle primers in some pistols, you may have trouble with light fire pin strikes and a failure to fire. He had no large rifle primers, no small rifle primers no large pistol and a grand total of 18 small pistol primers. Visit our store to view hundreds of new and used guns, have your gun repaired, buy ammo and quality gun accessories, obtain a hunting license, and much, much more! Survived the Great primer/powder famine of 1994, plus the a salt weapons ban Survived the Y2K shortages Survived the 2005-2007 ammo shortage Survived the obammy gun, ammo, and component shortage of 2008-2009 Survived the obammy GAC shortage 2. I use them in 5. I have heard that the harder primer cup will not obdurate in a low pressure round, causing hot gases to erode the breech face. Luckly my reloading dealer generally has what i need. This might be obvious to some of you but since I've had a lot of people recently ask if I had any primers they could get off me - I thought I would post the best way to get primers during these crazy times of retail shortages. Grease 3. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 5 gns of Winchester 296 and CCI 550 primers) Eventually I started using small rifle primers for all loadings of . " More L. First when Walmart stopped selling high-consumable ammo, and later when protests to Virginia’s incoming anti-gun legislature made the news. Just what you need for . 38SPL, . 00 ‘Fort Smith’ (FSAAP) Lead-Free Large Pistol Boxer Primers reloading component shortages ?? Reloading. Making homemade primers utilizing the H48 primer formula. Jags 12. (. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Primer Pocket Swager. A brick of large rifle primers is now over 40 dollars, almost doubling in the past year. 50 per thou. I wanted to get into reloading more for a hobby. Rifle 273. 50 per lb. He is not holding, he just shoots a lot of competition. Ammo and Primer Shortage Will Continue into 2021. Does anyone on this forum have any real knowledge of why there is such a shortage of ammo and reloading components. I relieved them of the BMG primers because they were priced below market rate. In the primer shortage of the 1990's I ended up with a 1K box of magnum small rifle primers. OK, I would like to use a large pistol primer in a 243 remington 770 and/or 243 savage, both are bolt action. $4. Local gun store just called me, they got a small shipment of primers today, got a box of cci large rifle, and small rifle magnum, this will help me, since I was down to 200 large rifle primers, now if I could find some Win 748, my 30-30 would be happy. Rifle 14. maximum overall length for the 6. With the shortage of components these days, has anyone used large rifle primers in . 09. With the shortage of pistol primers Im wondering whats the difference between Large rifle primers and large pistol primers. CCI CCI No 400 Small Rifle Primers/Brick 1000ct (0013) Add to cart. Conventional wisdom has always been this: If you are going to buy a firearm for the first time, buy a popular caliber. 410. With today’s current political atmosphere, does anyone think that the shortage will end within the next year, or should we just suck it up and pay these extremely high prices because there is no end to the madness in sight. The 2020 Ammo Shortage. People doing this en masse is why there are shortages. Share: Facebook Reddit Gold Medal Large Magnum Rifle Primer - 100 Ct. Refine by Price: $0 - $19. This primer cup contained a mixture of potassium chlorate and antimony sulfide. Out of Stock. I tried to e-mail Remington Just about any large rifle primer works, but i would like CCI 200 or Federal 210M. Even smaller ammunition companies can’t secure the components they need. 22lr ammo is gone again too. but I use much less than 1000 larger rifle primers a year. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020″. I also noticed that the local shop had a decent supply of Rifle as well, but no pistol at all. Cleaning Kits 31. 250 Large Magnum Rifle Primers - 1000 Count. 56, . Vance Outdoors reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. CCI Standard Primers come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate a number of popular calibers. Must be 60k rounds of ammo. Quick view. Only two domestic companies make primers, Vista and Winchester. The cup on a LP primer is thinner than a rifle primer and the LP primer is a little shorter as well so it will sit deeper in a rifle primer pocket. 5 gr of powder as a benchmark. In upstate SC any handgun ammo or popular rifle ammo is scarce to unavailable. Found them in my stores fairly recently, they still work fine. Here We Go With Another Ammo Shortage The response to the virus seems to be responsible for the next nationwide ammo shortage and a run on firearms. i simply asked midway to notify me when they come in and they likely will at about 4 cent a primer, plus the hazmat fee. The thinner cup of the pistol primer cannot handle rifle pressures, but may be ok if pressures are kept low enough. Steel Primer shortage, people hoarding, and more focus on rifle and pistol ammo manufacturing. Rifle Primers in stock now. The checkout clerk tried to limit me to 1000 but I asked her to get the manager, who explained that the limit was only on small rifle primers (I think--hard to hear people with masks). com does not vet or endorse any retailer listed on this site. People who once bought a box of 500 primers began buying cartons of 5000, and just like the toilet paper shortage early last year, hoarding and the fear that these components won’t be available drove people to stock up. Buck Shot 12. Quick view. They produce insanely small sd's kind of like the Wolf primers that were imported. We stock a huge variety and quantity of reloading primers from all of the major companies; Winchester, CCI, Federal, and Remington. I was able to find 12 and 20 ga, BB 3" and 3 1/2" for geese, #4 and #3 for ducks, and rounded out my upland with various 20 and 12 ga. local stores and on line are out of small pistol primers, most other primers too. I load a lot of small primer cases between 223 & 22/250s. 7500 Length: 16. But now after all my load testing I’m in some trouble with this ammo shortage we are going through. add to cart. 5 grendel, and 6. 3K likes. Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The presenter shows the difference between small pistol, small pistol magnum and small rifle primers. “It’s not just ammunition components,” Hornady said. loaded hand gun ammo is gone, except for 10mm and the odd box of 357 SIG. Now, we have the additional demand creating by the rioting. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and ensure that you have the right supplies and equipment for a day at the range or in the field. MON-FRI 8 a. It’s also limiting the production of many popular types of ammunition. G. Debit and credit card payments can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. Temporarily (maybe permanently) going to 10 and . “I’ve seen shortages six times in my career,” said Hornady, “but the difference this time is the string of events—Walmart, Virginia [anti-gun legislature], coronavirus, riots, an influx Small Rifle Primer Shortage. Powder, cartridge and primer manufacturing, after all, are not everyone’s concept of an ideal neighbor. Don’t drink the koolaid. After some practice - you will develop your own techniques. and Doc Holliday. 223/5. Primers at $27. They only thing out of stock was 223 and 300 BO. And some ammunition makers suggest shortages could last until at least January. 9mm and 5. 00. 49. Since the start of 2020, we have had extreme difficulty obtaining primers. 99. But that’s all I have left in small rifle primers. Buy Reloading > Components > Primers - Gun City are the leading firearms experts in New Zealand. Mighty generous of us, don't ya think? 3 Simple Kits for Reloading Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Rimfire Ammo in a Pinch. 2 gr increments. Here's a very good vid I found on YouTube by Super Vel Ammunition. The local gun shop is going to Win a one-of-a-kind Fulton Armory AR-15 tactical rifle while defending It wasn't as tough on shotshells last time but boy rolling shortages from 2008-2016 weren't any fun. powder (local) is spotty at best. 49. I. Here is what you definitely cannot find: . Midsouth offers all of our primers in 500 and 1000 count boxes and in 1000 count APS strips. They had about 30-35k worth of various rifle primers on the shelf. Quick View. After mounting a Nightforce 3-10X 42mm SHV scope, the rifle’s first range-test took place with the Hornady ammunition. Related Products Cci Primers | Cci 250 | Cci Large Rifle Primers. 9-1/2 Large Rifle Centerfire Primers - 100 Ct. It took me a long time to find some Federal match 205's, so when I finally did see nearly 3 "cases" of them in my favorite store, a friend & I cleaned them out. I will be hunting for more primers, but not at absurd pricing. A lack of primers makes it more difficult for ammo makers to keep up. Price was reasonable at $39. Manufacturers are not suppling them in any sizable amounts to distributors and the distributors (when they get them) cannot keep them in stock for more than a few hours. You can substitute one of many primer recipes with the one of your choice. 1 inch longer than the industry-standard “short” magazine in the Remington 700. It was found that purification of the mercury fulminate would lead to a more stable compound, and in 1873, a mixture of mercury fulminate, potassium chlorate, glass dust and gum arabic became the standard US military priming compound. American Rifleman, one of the National Rifle Association's official journals, in December published a detailed article on some of the factors behind the ammunition shortage. Lucky Gunner’s Felde said a lack of primers has had the greatest impact on small ammo makers and reloaders. 75 X 16. ]” Great Primer Shortage of 2020 August 12, 2020 By Guns & Ammo Staff It’s no secret that the demand for firearms and ammunition has reached record levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the civil unrest in cities around the United States, and the prospect of an anti-gun president on the horizon. They have a pretty hard cup, so I doubt they would work in pistol rounds. 85 X 6. You can also use small rifle primers. Shelves are all empty. 30 bullets and no . The local suppliers here are beginning to see a little supply come in. Proudly serving our customers for over 40 years, Midsouth Shooters can supply you with your pistol and rifle ammunition, as well as all of your shooting and reloading supplies. Can find plenty of powder and bullets, but primers seem to be an issue. Cloths 4. 5-284, 7mm WSM & 7mm SAUM. They may have projectiles, brass, and powder on hand but no primers,” Felde explained. We cannot ship primers or powders to New Jersey or Massachusetts and other areas. Warning: Not all powders are the same. Midsouth has the right primer for your application. 3,769 likes · 27 talking about this. I’ve got between 1000 and 1100 WSR primers that I’d be willing to part with during the current shortage. 00 QUANTITY PER PACK: 1000 PACKS PER CASE: 5 HAZARDOUS: Y PACK NEC (KG): Our Unis Ginex small rifle primers are great for reloading bullets manually to get better grain count, and have more control over the way your ammo performs, especially in cold weather. Check out my ini It’s outrageous to pay 200-300$ for 1k primers on GB. 99. When the Covid ammo shortage started, I expected it to be over in a couple of months- the virus would be under control or not, and people would soon be needing their money for food instead of ammunition. Think I found my new "shortage" load if I run out of small pistol primers though I just picked up another 1000. No small rifle or small pistol primers at all. 56 were the first two to get really scarce. 41 and . Rifle and pistol reloaders need the affordable and reliable performance of Federal® Champion™ primers. rifle primer shortage